Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Kissing in Kindergarten

Overall I am very happy with my son's school this year. He as an amazing teacher who is full of enthusiasm and a love for teaching. Unfortunately that is not the only love that is in the air. My son, who is not even five yet, has girl problems!

 Last week he told me about a girl who grabbed by the hand when they were outside in the school yard and took him to a place where there was a lot of dirt and kissed him on the cheek. I have since had a chat with the people that watch him to make sure he is always in their sight lines. I have also told him that only family members kiss each other. Yesterday I find out that this same girl declared to the class that she and my son were getting married and that everyone was invited. Obviously someone forgot to invite me to the wedding =).

In addition to this issue, my son has an issue with an "older woman". He says she is a teenager, but really she's a girl in 4th grade. Last year when my son was the youngest, cutest, littlest kid at school this girl used to dote on him. She spent a lot of time playing with him, teaching him things and just hanging out with him. I used to think it was awesome that she gave him so much positive attention. Over the summer she has forgotten him, but for my son, his feeling have just intensified. He says things to me like "Mummy she has the most beautiful smile."  and "I can't stop thinking about her all the time." or "When she smiles at me, it makes me feel so happy." Oh boy, we are in trouble! Yesterday when I asked him what his favourite part of his day was, he told me it was going for a walk with this girl. I asked him what they talked about while they walked. He said "She didn't talk to me" I asked him if he walked in front of her, beside her or behind her, and his answer was "Behind her." Uh oh! I've since had a chat with him, asking him if he maybe wants to make friends with kids his own age, but he says "I will make friends with kids like me, but she is my favourite." He's only four! What is a mother to do? Any advice?

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