Sunday, June 30, 2013

Fishing for dinner

Collectively we caught 7 trout today! Six of them were caught by munchkins, 6 years old and younger.
Look at their wizened faces as they wait for a fish to nibble on their lines. Before you get impressed, I should disclose that we went to a trout farm and fished in a small pond that was well stocked.
My brother in law is an experienced fisherman - NOT!!!!!
He did catch the first fish, but he also squealed every time he saw a worm or A FISH!
My dad made a valiant effort to catch some fish, but to no avail - they eluded him again! Poor Daddy!
As for me, I thoroughly enjoyed fishing, perched high on a picnic table, under the shade, being slowly consumed by a hundred annoying flies. At least I had good company!

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