Sunday, June 9, 2013

How to make goose chow

  • Well the first thing you need is a nice warm breezy day. 
  • Having a park ten minutes from home with a nice swift river running through it also helps. 
  • Next you will need a bag of stale bread.
  • Lastly some little girly fingers.

Just joking about the girly fingers, those are definitely optional. Most of my family are a little scared of geese. The fear of geese has been instilled in us by our father, who often tells us a sad tale of how, when we was but a boy, he encountered a mama goose in the little village in Bangladesh that he was born in. Somehow my poor unfortunate father got in between this goose and her goslings and so the goose apparently chased my father and pecked viciously at him. The harrowing saga has taught us to keep a distance from the rabid animals.

My daughter however hasn't heard this story yet. She ventured closer to the geese than the rest of us ever dared. There were a few moments where I thought for sure her fat little fingers were goners, but thankfully the geese spared her.

My son was so relieved that she survived her encounter that he gave her a squishy little hug.

On another note, the humans had much yummier fare for supper. We had korean flavoured grilled steak frites with asian sesame salad and garlic portobello mushrooms.

Even the little humans in our family enjoyed this meal.

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