Tuesday, June 25, 2013


My daughter said she had a surprise for me. She led me to the blackboard. This is what she had to show me. She can finally write an R all by herself! We've been practicing for two days and I was so impressed that she remembered how to do it on her own.

I did something for the first time today too. I cut my daughter's hair!

I've never really cut hair before. Correction - I cut my daughter's bangs before, but I cut them too short. Oh and there was this one time in university where I stayed up too many nights in a row studying for finals. I tried to cut my own hair. That didn't end so well. Anyways, this time I think I did ok. My husband cut my son's hair too. I love him with short hair, but we've noticed that whenever we cut his hair, he gets a little naughtier. I'll let you know if he does anything mischievous!

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