Tuesday, June 18, 2013

The grass always is greener on the other side

I have a very unique problem. I have a grass aversion. I don't like being on grass, even walking on grass makes me anxious. My grass phobia goes back to when I was a preschooler walking home from school with my Mother. Let's just say I wasn't paying attention and I stepped in a big pile of ......  Well you can fill in the blank. We were ill equipped to deal with this situation and I was forced to walk home wearing my soiled slippers. I still remember the feeling of having the stuff between my toes and under my feet. Over the years I've tried to get over my fear. I even took up soccer which forced me to be on grass. I learned to run on grass, which made me a really good soccer player, but I never learned to be comfortable on grass. I can't walk on grass. I certainly can't do this:
Just looking at this picture makes my skin crawl. I can't even do this:
Oh the woes of being me.

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