Saturday, June 8, 2013

The butterfly whisperer

On the way home from great wolf lodge, we decided to stop at the butterfly conservatory. As soon as we walked in, my husband invite a butterfly to sit on his finger.

The insect happily perched on his hand and then fluttered up to settle on his shirt.

His new found friend stayed with him for the whole hour that we visited. Other butterflies also momentarily alighted on him as we walked through. At the end of our visit when we tried to pry the butterfly of my husband, it refused to leave. It fluttered back and settled on my husband's face.

My husband was so proud of his ability to attract butterflies. "they must sense that I am a peaceful person" he told me. As we were leaving the conservatory, a park official shattered this illusion. He said that the butterfly was attracted to the sweet smelling hand lotion that my husband had slathered on before we entered the park!
I think the guy was wrong though because my daughter who didn't wear any creams or scents also attracted butterflies. She had a curious and playful attitude towards them and they seemed reciprocate her interest.

My son on the other hand was the exact opposite. He screeched every time a butterfly flew close to him, which was every 30 seconds or so.

Then something wonderful happened. A butterfly came and sat on his head. He couldn't even feel it so he stopped being scared.

Next thing you know he was inviting butterflies to sit on his cap.

He still wouldn't let them touch his skin though. I had my own encounter with a butterfly. One came and sat on my shoe.

You can't really see it because it is black against my black shoe but I promise you it's there.
My favorite part of the conservatory was this area where they recreated a tropical waterfall. There was koi swimming in the depths and butterflies flittering through the leaves.

For a moment I felt transported to the heart of the amazon.

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