Monday, July 15, 2013

Beachy keen

We went to the same beach two weekends in a row. The first time was with my sister and her family ( and my dad) to celebrate her birthday.

The weather did not cooperate. It was cloudy and the water was freezing!!!

My sister was very determine to enjoy her birthday and dove right in. Eventually she grew used to the temperature. She attempted to dunk me in the water several times but she failed because I'm bigger than her =).

We went again yesterday with some friends. This time it was like a big bathtub.
We spent hours in the water. The third kid isn't ours, she's my daughter's best friend.-
My son borrowed her waterbed and floated around the beach.
Later he tried swimming. His swimming lessons starting the next morning, so he wanted to practice.
This time I was the one who jumped in the water. I loved every moment.

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