Thursday, July 18, 2013

Things I'm grateful for today

1. Starting something small- I am brown, I do not like "tanning" it will just make me browner. So today as I was walking to my daughter's daycare from work. I stopped 6 feet short of the intersection and stood under the shade of a tree to wait for the light to change. I felt a little awkward stopping in the middle of the sidewalk, but after a moment I felt the presence of a woman standing beside me and when I turned to look at her, she smiled. Two seconds later two men stopped behind us, one asked, "why is everyone standing here" the other one answered, "they're being smart waiting in the shade." Soon there were a whole collection of people standing with me under the tree.

2. Making silly silly faces with my daughter - they have dance drama at the daycare and as part of it the kids learn to make exaggerated faces. My daughter wanted us to take a picture of our "surprised" faces because she said we looked "more pretty" when we are surprised.

3. My son is a sweetheart! He helped my daughter eat her dinner by spoon feeding her! It was so sweet of him to do.

4. Holding a newborn!!! My friend and soon to be ex neighbor has a 6 week old. She came over for a visit and I got to hold her. I want another one! But no I can't!!!!! I have just enough energy to raise the two little monkeys I already have. My children were enamored. They love babies!

5. Fireflies and moonlight skies - I went for a night run after a long time and there were fireflies blinking everywhere. It was beautiful. We live up on a hill and as I was running back up the hill the trees where silhouetted against the moonlight, and the field in front of the trees was glimmering with fireflies and honestly, in that moment, I felt so grateful to be alive.

6. My husband - for taking over night duty so I could go for my run - love in our house isn't about grand gestures, but the small dignities and graces that make everyday worth it.

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