Monday, July 29, 2013

Brightening up a grey day

My workplace has a very funny rule that you can't wear BLUE jeans to work. You can, however, wear any OTHER color of jean so imagine my excitement when colored jeans became fashionable again. I've spent almost a year scouring the stores looking for the perfect pair colored jeans to wear to work. The only problem is colored jeans only come in one style - skinny and skinny jeans just don't work for my body type. Well this weekend I finally found some skinny colored jeans that I could squeeze myself into. I had to buy a green pair since my favorite color is green. I put them on this morning and was stumped as to what to wear with them. My sister who is a fashion maven, wore her mint green jeans fabulously with this striped top:

Isn't she gorgeous? I miss my sis! I took my inspiration from her. Here is my stripped top: 
Do you like my yellow and grey accessory? (My husband, who also has a great fashion sense, dressed her up)

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