Sunday, July 21, 2013

Sunday in the sun

I started my day with a cool beverage to prepare for the hours I spent in the sun today.

First on the docket was a visit to Storybook Gardens with some friends. Classic storybook garden shot - sitting with humpty dumpty. A visit to Storybook gardens wouldn't be complete without it.

Next was a stop at home of the old woman who lived in a shoe. Also a storybook garden classic.

 A new feature though was the miniature village built alongside the shoe. The boys gathered some groceries from the store.

The girls made me a meal in the homestead.

The kids spent a lot of time exploring the tiny bank, animal hospital and fire station too.

The boys found a caterpillar.

Then it was time to travel via wagon.... mini london bridge.

We discovered another new attraction - the bouncy pillow, which was this giant rubber bouncy castle, but without the walls. The kids loved it!

It tired them out so they got back in the wagon. Someone napped?!!!

The enjoyed the climbers. Now that the boys are older they couldn't get enough of the big slides. The girls were not as brave. They wouldn't even go down the tamest of slides.

Everyone loved the ferris wheel. Luckily my husband took the kids. I personally hate ferris wheels. They take so long!

After all this activity the kids cooled down at the splash pad.

We left storybook garden to go to a friend's for a BBQ. We had yummy burgers sausages and gourmet pizza. Our contribution were these ice cream cone cupcakes that I forced my husband to make. They were so yummy - he's a better baker than I am!

I am several shades darker after having spent the better part of my Sunday in the sun.

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