Saturday, November 23, 2013


Every year my company hosts a huge Christmas celebration called the snowflake serenade. I've never been to this party for two reasons:

1. I heard you have to REALLY dress up for this party
2. All the REALLY important people (head of the company etc.) go to this party

So I felt REALLY intimidated and never had a desire to go. This year a coworker asked me if I would take candid shots of the event for a free ticket. My desire to express myself through photography overtook my fear of feeling intimidated so I said yes. We almost didn't make it to the party because there was a huge snowstorm, but then I had worked so hard to get ready for the party that it would have been a shame to not go.

This post is about my transformation from frumpy mummy of two to golden party-goer.

My inspiration for this evening was Salma Hayek. Back in 2009 I remember seeing this picture of Salma Hayek and thinking that one day I wanted to try this style out.

After consulting with my fashionista sister, we determined that the beehive was probably not a good look for me. She advised me to try a high bun instead. My hairstylist agreed. Her recommendation was to try a sleek pulled back sock bun. She had never done a sock bun before so I was her guinea pig. Fortunately it turned out nicely.

We added two golden headbands I bought from target to complete the look.

Next I went home and squeezed myself into some spanx before stuffing myself into my golden dress. I put on a tonne of make up and voila in less than thirty minutes I was transformed.

My dress is a convertible von vonni dress that can be worn 8 different ways

My favorite thing about this dress is that it was so comfortable! I could even adjust the height so that for once I didn't have to wear ridiculously high heels to look good in this dress!

Three weeks from now is my departmental Christmas party. The theme for that party is Roaring 20s. I am already trying to figure out what to wear now =).

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