Sunday, November 24, 2013

Snow much fun!

We woke up to three feet of snow this morning. There was so much snow that cars parked outside were barely visible.

That was our babysitter's car. She had to stay the night because the snow storm was so bad last night. We tried to dig her out but her car got stuck in the snow. In the end three of our neighbors came to help. One of them used their snow blower to clear a path around the car. The other two helped my husband physically push her car out onto the road. It was hard work, but finally she got out! Yay! We only celebrated her car's liberation for a moment though, because soon after we had to shovel our driveway. One of my neighbors was kind enough to get us started by clearing enough space for us to drive out using his snow blower. We spent a good hour shoveling the rest.

The kids loved it but my back hurts! We went to the backyard. There was a moment were I was standing still admiring the fresh snow.

But then I got hit by my first snowball of the season.

We romped around in the snow for a good half hour before we headed back inside all wet and sniffly.

I hope it's not like this next Saturday for the kiddie's birthday party day!!!

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