Saturday, November 2, 2013

Belated happy Halloween

We had a very wet and windy Halloween this year. It was raining sideways and the wind was gusting at about 70 kmph. It was such a bad experience for me that I tried to forget about it and thus forgot to post about it all together. We headed out all bundled up. 

My son was quite upset that his coat ruined the "scary factor" of his Darth Vader costume. "He wears all black!" He complained.  My daughter didn't even get to wear her pretty princess dress out. I just put her tiara, wand and fairy wings on top of her winter jacket, but look at her happy scrunched up face! She didn't even mind. The wet weather didn't deter the trick or treaters this year. Our sidewalks were overrun by ghouls, witches, zombies and Darth Vaders. By the way - big apology to all the people my son accidentally poked in the face with his light sabre. He couldn't manage it and his candy bag at the same time and it was just the right height to hit people in the face when they were bending over to give him candy. I've learned my lesson - no potentially poky costume accessories in the future. Here's hoping that next year won't be so horrible! 

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