Saturday, November 30, 2013

My feet hurt

The bottom of my feet are so painful because I have been on my feet all day. Today was kiddie birthday party day. My daughter's party was at noon, my son's party was at three, and then when we came home we hosted another party for my family from out of town. I am all partied out! Ok I'll stop whining to tell you about our day. It started off nicely enough with a princess themed party at an indoor playground for my daughter.

Except for the playground

It was so very pink.

My daughter was in Disney Princess heaven.

My son on the other hand was mortified.

He and the other boys we invited didn't even want to eat the princess Sofia cake because it was too girlie for him.

In the end he ate it though because after all who can turn down delicious cake.
Next on the agenda was a space themed party at the museum.

This is what my husband and I looked like before the party.

You don't want to know what we looked like at the end! Six year olds are an dangerous blend of high energy and mischievousness. Here are some unexpected things that happened at the party:
1. Two boys were so naughty during a space presentation that they got sent out of the planetarium by the party coordinator and I had to entertain them and hope that their feelings were not hurt.
2. The craft at the party was making asteroids out of foil streamers. My son hit me on the forehead with one that he made and it kinda hurt.
3. One boy thought it would be a really good idea to jump wildly on top of the craft table. (One of my brave friends kindly removed him from the table top - she's awesome!)
4. The kids were so loud that you couldn't hear music playing during freeze dance.
Most of this happened before they even had cake!

There was a moment of silence when the cake came out.

The kids were too busy eating! The afternoon ended with a missing child. He was found hanging out with a friend and his friend's mom on another floor, but for a moment there I was freaking out! After all that my husband and I went home to prepare dinner for my family. We sat the children down in front of the TV. The girls loved watching Equestria girls.

We ended the night with yet another cake.

Everyone had a great time and even though I am tired would do it all over again =)

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