Tuesday, November 26, 2013

My little miracle

I think I blinked, because while my eyes were closed my baby turned into a 6 year old. A SIX YEAR OLD. Am I not allowed to carry him any more? Is he too old to hug goodbye at school drop off? Most importantly do I still get to give him snuggly hugs? I just can't believe it so what I did was recreated our first family photo with him. Here is our first family photo with my son - he is a few hours old here. How cute was he? All roundy faced and pink lipped. Look at those cheeks!

Those cheeks have been bitten so many times in the last six years. I've also brushed many tears off those cheeks. (Life's not perfect right?) Anyways, flash forward to this morning, we took another family photo. To make it a fair comparison, we took the picture in a bed.

Some obvious differences:
 - my daughter is in the shot - she didn't exist back in those days.
- I look less tired ( I was in labor for 43 hours with my son).

Some things that never changed:
- my husband's hair style - he's still as handsome as the day I met him
- My son's little face- he is still a cutie.

Six isn't really that old after all. I can still call him my baby right?


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